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Evolve your Cubicle with Creative Customization

The cubicle has been an office mainstay since the late 1970's, as more and more companies embraced the Action Office concept promoted by inventor Robert Propst. The original purpose was to promote efficiency, productivity, and quality but over the … [Read More...]

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Cubicle Bliss’s All-Time Top 20

When you develop a website for a number of years, in time you gather a lot of statistics, not the least of which is how often someone reads an article. I love analyzing my Cubicle Bliss statistics because I can really learn a lot about what is … [Read More...]

How to make your cubicle like your home

How to Make Your Cubicle More Like Your Home

During a typical day at work, including my commute, we're talking roughly 12 hours of my day. After I get home each night, I am usually awake for, at most, another 4 hours. So, as far as weekday waking hours are concerned, my job occupies a vast … [Read More...]



Cubicle Décor Tips – Frame your Workspace

Cubicle décor means a lot to members of cubicle nation. I know this because my group board on Pinterest with exactly that name, Cubicle Nation, is filled with pins depicting ways to upgrade your office space. I also have another board called … [Read More...]

Disinfectant Wipes

Must-Have Cubicle Cleaning Supplies

OK, I understand that the topic of cleaning an office cubicle is not a sexy one! But, if you are anything like me when it comes to cleanliness, you are probably someone who is very conscious about having a very clean office. It always amazes me … [Read More...]

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