AH-YO! Office Products Will add Some Fun to Your Drab Cubicle

I was recently contacted by Michelle at AH-YO! Industries and she was wondering whether I would be willing to check out the fun products that AH-YO! offers. Since I firmly believe that adorning your office with fun and novel office products is very important to help you get through each working day, I welcomed the opportunity to review these products.

I chose two specific items to review and I was sent them at no charge. This is one of the benefits of running a website associated with the workplace but I told Michelle that my review would be unbiased since I could not recommend any products that I don’t feel are worthy of my endorsement.

The first product I chose to review is called That Guy Laptop Tool Kit. According to AH-YO!, That Guy represents That Guy (or Girl) who steals your parking spot, says the wrong thing, annoys co-workers, etc. – as in “Don’t be that guy”!

So what exactly is the laptop tool kit? Well, first of all, it’s a really cool looking guy (I got the red one as you can see in the image above but it also comes in green and blue) that stands about 4.5” tall and just on its own, it’s a neat little doll-like item that looks great on your cubicle desktop or office shelf. Apart from looking good, it does have a utilitarian aspect to the unit. The head pops off allowing you to use the body as an air blower to blow out crumbs from your keyboard. Believe it or not, it actually reminded me of those suction items that you use to clean out a baby’s nose (I remember when…). Anyway, would it replace my dust and lint remover that I use religiously? No way! But, if you need to quickly clean out your keyboard that got some crumbs in it, this will definitely do the trick.

That Guy Laptop Tool Kit

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Laptop Tool Kit Package
Laptop Tool Kit Package
There is a lot of detail on the package showing how to use the Tool Kit.
On my Cubicle Desktop
On my cubicle desktop

OK, if you open up That Guy’s head it opens up into two halves. Inside the head is a small keyboard brush which fits into the top of the air blower and will allow you to brush off your keys of your keyboard. It’s a fun little attachment. You can also use one of the halves of That Guy’s head to place under your laptop as a cooling stand. All of these uses are detailed well on the excellent packaging that comes with the laptop toolkit.

Laptop Tool Kit opened up on desktop
Laptop Tool Kit opened up on my desktop
Using blower on keyboard
Simply press That Guy's body to shoot air into keyboard.
Using brush on keyboard
The brush fits into the tip of That Guy's body. The brush is more of a novelty feature than utilitarian.
Using half of head as laptop cooling station
Using half of head as a laptop cooling station
That Guy sitting on top of my computer monitor
That Guy sitting on top of my computer monitor
That Guy sitting on my cubicle shelf
That Guy sitting on my cubicle shelf (that you can read about here).

In my opinion, this product is more for fun than for actual practical use. But, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to beat out my dust and lint remover for cleaning my keyboard anyway. I think we all need some fun office products to add some interest and novelty to our workplace lives. This laptop tool kit does just that and it looks great on my cube shelf or just on my desktop.

The next product that was sent to me was a set of well-made, non-slip Cover Me Up Coasters that are not only built well but are colorful and multipurpose. In my company it is expected that if you go get coffee or tea in the cafeteria or break room, you should always have your mug covered when transporting your hot beverages back to your office or to a meeting. These coasters will fit under your coffee mug and on top of your mug in transport. They are really cool office products!

AH-YO! Cover Me Up Coasters

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Cover me Up Coasters and packaging
Cover Me Up Coasters and packaging
Front of Cover Me Up Coasters label
Front of Cover Me Up Coasters label
Back of Coasters label
Back of Coasters label
Mug with Coaster
My Favorite Team Mug with Coaster
Mug with Coaster on Top
My Favorite Team Mug with Coaster on Top
Black and Decker Mug with Coaster
My Black and Decker Mug with Coaster

If you bring your coaster with you, you can cover your mug after you fill it up and then use it as a coaster in your meeting. I especially like the non-slip aspect of these coasters since I have some coasters at home which have a slippery bottom which could lead to spills. I also love the lip that is on the outside of each coaster which also prevents your mug from potentially slipping off the coaster. Your mug stays on the coaster nice and solid. Since I received two in the set I keep one on my home office desk and one on my cubicle desktop.

You might want to check out some more AH-YO! products on Amazon here. Hey, we can all use a little levity and fun in our office environments from time to time. I know I can and AH-YO! delivers on their promise which is – Here to brighten your day in little ways.

2 thoughts on “AH-YO! Office Products Will add Some Fun to Your Drab Cubicle”

  1. This review was very helpful! I am always looking for a way to make my office space more cheerful. Work can be stressful too so it is funny to have a product that I can take my frustrations out on when someone steals my parking space!

    • Hi Nora,

      I’m glad you liked it and thanks for dropping by! There are a lot of other products on this site that can help lower your workspace stress level. So feel free to take a look around. 🙂


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