Cubicle Bliss is now on YouTube!

This website is devoted to creative solutions for a happy and productive workspace and I thought that the next step in being able to present solutions for the workspace would be to venture into the YouTube realm.

I recently created a YouTube channel which can be found at Feel free to subscribe to get the latest updates! I'm hoping to include videos in most of my existing articles and in future articles as well as still pictures from the office environment.

As of this writing, I have 19 YouTube videos posted but I'll be adding to them on a regular basis. My goal is to include a video of the product that I am reviewing in the office environment so that you can make a good determination as to whether or not the product being discussed is one that would solve a problem for you.

I'm also going to make sure that I offer video office tips as I have in this video which talks about hanging anything in a cubicle with T-Pins. If you'd like to see the article on this site which includes the video you can read this article which is entitled: T-Pins Rock for Hanging anything in a Cubicle.

You can either go to my YouTube channel or you can go to any of these articles to see the videos that I have already created:

I really hope you enjoy the new videos and I welcome any ideas from you as to what types of future videos you would like to see. Also, since I plan on adding videos to existing articles, maybe you could let me know which articles you'd like to see videos in sooner rather than later. Just email me at, leave a comment, or use my Contact Me form.

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