A Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light Will Light up Your Cubicle and Your Mood


As I wrote in my Cubicle Bliss’s Top 10 Unique Cubicle and Office Gifts article, I decided to take a big step in attempting to boost my mood and energy levels with the purchase of a Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light. I bought it about a month and a half ago and have been using it first thing in the morning when I get to work each morning. (Don't miss my YouTube video further down in the article!)

I have always believed that my mood is affected by my exposure to light. In other words, if I get my share of sunlight, my mood is much better than if I don't see the sunlight at all.

When I get to work each morning, especially in the fall and winter, it's dark out. When I leave in the afternoon, it is dark out! And, since I sit in the middle of Cubicle Nation, I am nowhere near any natural sunlight for my whole working day. I did purchase a Sunlight Desk Lamp that I wrote about in this article, but I just didn't think it was enough, especially after I started reading about the Philips goLITE BLU Light. The literature that comes with the goLITE BLU Energy Light states the following:

The human body uses light cues, such as those provided by the sun, to time certain functions. Light exposure can boost mood and energy. Light has direct alerting and energizing effects and can improve our performance. Bright light therapy is also successfully used for mood relief, especially for seasonal mood swings.

In countries with long winters, many people experience loss of energy and low spirits due to lack of light. These symptoms are referred to as the winter blues. They typically start in the fall and may last for several weeks. Exposure to bright light sources can help alleviate these symptoms and restore the summer mood and summer energy level.

The blue light of the summer sky is well known. We do not get as much of this light in the fall and winter, and indoor light does not emit enough of this essential color. The goLITE BLU energy light helps to deliver the wavelength, color, and intensity of light that we see in the summer.

Check out the YouTube video below of me using my goLITE BLU Energy Light in my cubicle!

In a Wikipedia article on light therapy for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder, the Mayo Clinic states that light therapy is of proven effectiveness for treating seasonal affective disorder and light therapy is seen as its main form of treatment.

So, as you can see, the lack of sunlight not only affects me negatively but is a known issue for many people who are deprived of the medicinal benefits of the sun. I've been using this goLITE BLU Energy light for over a month and I honestly think that it is making a difference in my mood at work.

Maybe it's all in my head but I love the feeling as the blue light bathes my face from the side each morning. I typically run the light for an hour on medium intensity when I get to work each morning. And since there is no UV light from this unit, you cannot get sunburn using it. Check out some of the images below.

Setting up the Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light

(Click on any of the images below for a larger view)

GoLITE BLU Energy Light in Box
GoLITE BLU Energy Light in Box
goLITE BLU Energy Light revealed
goLITE BLU Energy Light revealed

goLITE BLU Energy Light Illuminated
goLITE BLU Energy Light Illuminated
Sturdy egg crate-like packaging
Sturdy egg crate-like packaging

goLITE BLU Energy Light (side view)
goLITE BLU Energy Light (side view)

In action in my office!
In action in my office!
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So, if you feel like you too are feeling the blues due to lack of sunlight as I was, you may want to consider researching and investing in the Philips
goLITE BLU Energy Light
. I did and I really think it's making a difference in my mood and energy levels. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real condition that many people face especially this time of year. If you are one of those individuals who could really use the medicinal qualities of blue light, this could be the office accessory for you!

6 thoughts on “A Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light Will Light up Your Cubicle and Your Mood”

  1. thanks for your articles! if i am intending to use one of these lamps all day, what would you suggest? my cube is dark all day and I am right under a fluorescent light so I’m trying to make my life a bit brighter all day. thanks!

    • Hi Tracey,
      Thanks for stopping by. The Philips goLITE BLU is not meant to be used all day long. I use mine for about an hour and a half each morning when I get into work. It is great light therapy for people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You could also use it later in the day but, from what I have read, it could affect your sleep if you use it too late in the day. This lamp is made to supply you with much-needed blue light that the sun emits. It will not tan you by the way.
      You might want to look into this sunlight lamp if you are looking for something for all day long. There are also a number of other lamps at the end of the article. If you can fit a floor lamp that would be awesome but my cubicle is too tight for that. There are some other really cool lamps in this article if you read through it. I used to use the Ikea lamp shown in the first picture but it ended up not being bright enough when I was moved into the middle of cubicle nation!
      If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Just check out those articles and I know you will find something that will work for you. The sunlight lamps are great and you can adjust them to really brighten up the office.

  2. Thanks for this article. The lack of natural light at my desk – which is also in the centre of a cube farm – is a source of misery. I think about its impact to my quality of life constantly, even though I largely enjoy my work. Given the amount of time I spend at work, I see investing my own money in better lighting as a necessity. Thanks for the helpful links to lamps.

    • Hi Giselle,
      I’m glad the article was helpful. I find that especially in the winter months the energy light is especially helpful. But it certainly helps year-round because I cannot even see a window from my cubicle. But what is great about the warmer months is that it is brighter earlier in the day so I can get some sunlight on the way to work. I can also take a work walk at lunchtime without freezing! I definitely think that the quality of life in a cubicle is so important and basically in any office. That’s why I always surround myself with accessories that increase that quality of life. Thanks for your input Giselle!


  3. Lighting is very important in a home office and so are chairs that will help you function properly.

    • This particular Energy light is only used sporadically in the office particularly during the dark days of the winter months.


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