Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Spring cleaning tips for the office


Spring is here! If you live in the Northeast US, you certainly felt the severity of this past winter and it’s oh so nice to welcome in the good weather.

My wife and I have been able to start our spring cleaning in our yard and in the house and it just feels really good to open up the windows and doors and to spend some quality time enjoying the outdoors.

We actually moved to our house in the mountains last August so this is our first spring in our new home and we are loving our outdoor time especially after this tough winter.

Well, if you can spring-clean your home, I wanted to present some spring cleaning tips for the office too. To be honest, I do a really good job in cleaning my desktop and my immediate work area on a regular basis. What I have a problem with at times are with my desk drawers. I recently opened up one of my cubicle drawers and it was filled to the rim with basically junk.

My cubicle drawer before and after spring cleaning.

Cubicle drawer before decluttering
Cubicle drawer before decluttering
Cubicle drawer after decluttering.
Cubicle drawer after decluttering.
(Note my overflowing bucket to the left)

It was stuff that simply had accumulated over the years of working at the same company for 17 years. I had stuff in there from when my kids were little and they used to draw and paint stuff for Dada (that’s what they called me and even though they are both in their 20s they still do). I do keep a lot of the things that they have made for me over the years but there are times when you just have to bite the bullet and throw some of it away.

I also had a bunch of CDs of software applications that I had from years gone by since I work in the IT field. Today, you basically download any software from a website and there really isn’t a need to have the CD on-hand anymore. So, I basically just threw all of those away. If you look closely at the picture on the right above you will see that my bucket next to my drawer is filled to the rim. I’m sure the cleaners didn’t like me when they came to clean the buckets that night.

Anyway, here are some spring cleaning tips for the office that you can utilize at any time of the year.

1. Buy yourself some wipes and use them!

I wrote an article about Must-Have Cubicle Cleaning Supplies a while back and I certainly included this tip in that article. I know this may sound like a no-brainer but if you have a container of wipes on hand and visible in your office cubicle, it just might remind you to use them on a regular basis. I usually pick Fridays to wipe down all of the surfaces in my office.

You’d be surprised how easily crumbs and dust accumulate on an office desktop especially if you eat in your office on a regular basis (like I do). I also like to wipe down my office phone with a wipe each week.

2. Another must-have is a can of compressed air

I love this stuff. How else can you clean out a bunch of crumbs or dust in your keyboard? There are also many other hard-to-get-at spots in a small office like the corner of the desk behind your computer monitor or anywhere else that’s hard to reach.

It’s even better when your company springs for the compressed air as my company does but I have to buy my own for my home office. I simply won’t do without a can of compressed air when it comes to my working areas.

3. Get those cords and cables in order

Cord Management IdeasI wrote an article that talked about cord management in the office because this was an actual exercise that we undertook at work as part of a safety initiative.

If you aren’t wireless there are cords running from your keyboard, mouse, computer, telephone, and any other electronic device that you use in your office. I also have a one cup coffee maker and an electric kettle that I use every day that have cords that could be a safety hazard.

As part of the safety exercise we concentrated on the areas near the employee’s feet where there could be cords that could get tangled in your feet. We ended up tying up the cords that were in the feet area using nylon cable ties that you can see in a photo within this article. I know it may sound like a small thing but the Safety Committee at my workplace looks at any potential safety hazard, this particular one is a tripping hazard, and takes steps to prevent any mishaps from occurring.

4. Clean up your Office Floor

Sometimes you just end up storing excess boxes, papers, or books on the floor in an office. I know I had a box with books and project files that I brought from a previous company and I kept it right on the floor of my office cubicle. I made it a point to clear out the box, put any of the books that I could use in my overhead bin in my cubicle, and threw out most of the stuff that I will never use. Try keeping the floor clear of clutter and, once you do, the footprint of your office might just appear bigger.

5. Clean out your overhead storage bin

Spring cleaning tips for the office
My messy overhead storage bin. Needs work!
If you have a typical cubicle, as I do, you probably have an overhead storage bin. I store my books, my hand-crank burr coffee grinder, coffee, and many other odds and ends in this unique cubicle storage area. You can see that my storage bin needs some work!

Like my cubicle drawers just because it is hidden doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be clean inside. The problem with my overhead storage bin is that I usually have it open during the day. You can certainly see that my storage bin needs some more work and I plan on cleaning it up this week!

I hope you can use these spring cleaning tips for the office in your own work area. If you make it a point to stay on top of it throughout the year, maybe in the springtime you can just concentrate on your home and not your office!

33 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office”

  1. My desk is always a cluttered mess. I’ll have to print off this page and keep it as a reminder every Friday on how to keep my desk clean. I can’t just throw things away. Sometimes making the appropriate stacks of things is clean enough.

    • Don’t print it off as it will be another piece of paper. Save the site as an appointment on your calendar. Schedule 30 minutes every week to declutter! Soon it will be a habit as you go and you won’t need an appointment!

  2. My favorite tool has always been the compressed can of air to get the crumbs out of my keyboard! As you mention, though, there are many other areas that the compressed air could help clean, like corners and hard to reach places. I will definitely be looking for more places to clean with it. Thank you for the post!

    • Hi Laurel,
      I love my compressed air although I go through it so quickly. It’s funny because I always warn my neighbors before using it because they get startled by the noise. What a great invention!

  3. Making cords and cables well aligned is the best idea because it is related to security.Other tips of cleaning are also very useful.Helped a lot to keep my office clean.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Some really useful comments by all you guys, I think to keep your workstation clean is very important and with the tips and solutions shared here, It will then become more easy. I will definitely make my habit to keep my desk clean

  5. I don’t know what everyone feels but I like my work place neat and clean every time. If it is dirty then I couldn’t feel myself comfortable and couldn’t do the job is pretty way as well. Lysol and compressed air cans are my prime weapon to do the job.

    Thanks for all these tips and advises.

    • Hi Lena,
      Thanks for your comments and I agree with you wholeheartedly. In fact, I just did a thorough cleaning of my workspace just yesterday and I used some Chlorox disinfecting wipes and my go-to compressed air. Without a clean workspace I just don’t feel like I can work well at all. I think we are kindred spirits!


  6. Hi Bob, great write-up. I can particularly relate with the part about cords as that seems to be my biggest contributor to my clutter problem.

  7. Hi bobs, the first-time visit at here, and I am happy to read everything about office cleaning tips. You have made some good points that really helpful for me. I looked on the internet to learn more about this issue and found most people will go along with Your views on this site.

    good write-up I appreciate it.

  8. Hey Bob,

    Great tips! I use wipes to clean my work space as they are easy to dispose. I like a clean, quiet and organized work space because it helps me focus and become more productive. I’m working on getting those cords and cables in order. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this tips 🙂

  9. Hey Bob, thanks for sharing such lovely article on office cleaning. Many people need to learn these things (including me). :Learnt new things and will apply these awesome office cleaning tips soon.

  10. Compressed air has to be the most underrated cleaning item. Glad you included it. Very helpful post. Cord management is so important too.

  11. Great tips here! Having a clean office space is great for a bright office environment. It would also promote productivity.

  12. Staying on top of the office cleaning is a must. Compressed air is so handy, I liked that you had that in your tips.

  13. Office desks are always overlooked when it comes to cleaning! But I do agree that keeping your cables well can make the space look much clearer and neater. thank you for this post!

    • Thanks Allen,
      Controlling the cables can also be a safety issue as anything underfoot could lead to an accident. Thanks for your comment!


  14. A clean office is important as it’s the place we work. Organized environment means even more productive work. I clean my office once a month, I mean deep cleaning. Wipes, cleaning products for furniture, computer are the must. But I’ve never used a can of compressed air. Thank you for the idea! I’ll definitely buy it now. I guess it works great for those corners and hard to reach places.
    By the way, I agree that cords and cables should be organized as it’s a matter of security 🙂 I feel worried if I know that something’s wrong, like if I hadn’t turned off my computer, or if those cords are the mess
    Jason recently posted…Roomba Red Light Flashing while ChargingMy Profile

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