Tips – T-Pins Rock for Hanging Anything in a Cubicle


When you think of T-Pins what do you think of? I asked this question to my wife and she basically said that they are used in upholstery and tailoring to hold fabric in place before it is sewn.

She does a lot of work making drapes and upholstering chairs and uses T-Pins for those applications. Well, believe it or not, T-Pins also are awesome when it comes to hanging anything from a cubicle wall! Don't miss my YouTube Video below!

They hold securely into the fabric cubicle wall (especially if you tilt them slightly) and, as a result, you can hang almost any picture frame, even one with some weight to it. As you can see in the images below, I use T-Pins to hang pictures that I have picked up from my travels.

Here's a quick YouTube video of me hanging a calendar, sign, and a poster in my office:

You can check out more cool videos from my YouTube channel.

The picture in the image below I picked up in Amsterdam when I visited the Netherlands many years ago. You don't have to limit yourself to picture frames. You could hang a sign, a clipboard, a calendar, a poster, or any type of wall hanging you would have in your home.

If you want to create your own backsplash in your office, T-Pins would work great to hold up your fabric. I picked up a box of 100 Gem 1.5 Inch T-Pins for less than $5 and I'm pretty sure I'll never go through all of them. I keep them in a drawer next to my desk and can use them to basically hang anything.

Using Gem T-Pins to Hang a Picture Frame in my Cubicle

(Click on any of the images below for a larger view)

Box of Gem T-Pins
Box of Gem T-Pins
T-Pin inserted into cubicle wall at slight angle
T-Pin inserted into cubicle wall at slight angle
T-Pin on my cubicle desktop.
T-Pin on my cubicle desktop.
Hanging picture on a T-Pin
Hanging picture on a T-Pin. Any type of lip on the back of the frame you can hang from. You don't need to have a tab like on the frame above.
T-Pin Box and T-Pin
Gem T-Pin Box and T-Pin
Picture hung with T-Pin on my cubicle wall.
Picture hung with T-Pin on my cubicle wall.
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So, if you are looking for a great solution for hanging anything on a cubicle wall, a box of T-Pins should probably last you a work lifetime! They will also give you the option of hanging up some fabric to cover up those drab and ugly grey walls. If you don't like them (which I highly doubt), you can always use them for your new drapes or give them to your wife. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Tips – T-Pins Rock for Hanging Anything in a Cubicle”

    • Hi Ethel,

      Thanks so much for your comment and I agree that they are sturdy and make a very small hole in the wall. Great idea for home as well as cubicle!


  1. I have been trying to convince my husband that I use t pins to hang everything. He has 2 pictures he wants to hang and he said t pins would not work. I have hung heavier things but he dies not believe me.

    • Hi Donita,
      Yes, you are correct! T-Pins are awesome for hanging anything and they certainly can hold very heavy items. I’ve seen people use them in cubicles to hold very heavy framed posters and they have held up through the years!


  2. Do these damage the walls of the cubicle? Like does the fabric develop big holes over time, especially from hanging heavier objects? I’m a bit concerned about damaging the company’s property.

    • Hi Jo,
      Just make sure you angle them down slightly into the fabric walls. They hold better than way. I have not seen any big holes developing over time in my own cubicle. I think you should be OK but just check them on occasion if you are concerned.


  3. Nice! I used to put the odd screw in the cube wall to hang things which brought on the ire of the Cubicle Police. Where I work T-Pins are freely available in our supply cabinet and they work great!

    • Hi Andy,
      Glad to hear this article helped you out and I’m actually surprised that you have T-Pins in your supply closet. We certainly don’t but they are cheap to buy and one box will last a lifetime!


  4. I’m a teacher with cubicle walls in my classroom. I would like to decorate the walls as additional bulliten board space, but I can’t get a push pin, thumbtack or staple to stay in the wall. Do you know of a brand of thumbtack made specifically for cubicle walls?

    • Hi Barb,
      I have a question. Will something like a panel wall clip insert into the cubicle walls? I think they might because they go down into the walls rather than straight into the walls. This article shows them in #4 – You can clip anything into these panel wall clips and I think they just might do the trick. You should be able to pick them up at any office superstore if there are any in your area. We have Staples where I live but maybe even a store like Job Lots or even Walmart should have them in the office supplies area.
      Let me know,

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